PacRim has the ability to do decoration of metal parts using the following processes. All these processes are made internally for a better quality control and higher cost competitiveness.

The powder coating line with 2 coating booths and an oven (drying and curing) serves most of the black colors coatings as well as all the large production runs. PacRim also possesses 3 single powder coating booths for different type of colors as well as smaller production runs. These are joined to independent ovens.
2 booths with attached ovens enable PacRim to answer any type of wet paint requirements from the customer. Wet paint coating is currently done on plastic parts as well as steel and aluminum (after treatment).
PacRim’s know how and ability in coating is one of its core competency in its integrated industrial processes strategy. PacRim has the ability to make the following plating.
a. Chromium (Hexavalent baths)
b. Single Nickel on racks and in barrels
c. Bright Nickel
d. Chemical Nickel
e. Acid Copper Nickel
f. Hard Zinc (Cyanide zinc baths)
g. Bi Chromate zinc

PacRim has also the ability to do parts printing thanks to his 2 automatic lines and uses this different processes:
a. Silk screening
b. Hot stamping
c. Pad printing
d. Transfer printing